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What We Do

Watchpoint Analytics is a proprietary risk management engine that utilizes macroeconomic analysis to provide optimal asset allocations for investors of various risk profiles. The Watchpoint engine, via its underlying algorithms, has been proven to beat standard market benchmarks like the S&P 500 over the past four decades by utilizing Adaptive Asset Allocations in response to changes in the macroeconomic environment.

The Watchpoint models have been independently verified by Refinitiv, a leader in market data analysis, and demonstrate a significant advantage to investors. Simply stated, we outperform the market by avoiding the worst of it. The Watchpoint tool serves to inform investors when overall risk conditions become too high, indicating a high probability for losses. Avoiding dangerous market conditions makes all the difference.


Watchpoint’s algorithms have been extensively back-tested to optimize hypothetical portfolio allocations in line with an array of risk appetites.      


Watchpoint Monitors macroeconomic events to gauge investment risk from a macro-driven perspective. The algorithm then works around the clock to immediately spot when risks change and notifies subscribers.


Watchpoint utilizes its algorithms to adjust portfolio allocations when risk levels change. We offer users an array of portfolio models tailored to specific risk profiles to track with their own investments. Watchpoint provides users with a macroeconomic overlay to inform them on when to adjust risk exposure.

Track Record


Annualized Return

Proprietary Model
S&P 500
Balanced Fund

Cumulative Return

Proprietary Model
S&P 500
Balanced Fund
  Backtested by Refinitiv

Refinitiv is one of the largest investment data service supplier. Interested in seeing the white paper that started it all? Click this link to view the in-depth paper.

Do you have your own market beating or risk management model? We speak from experience when we say that backtesting is difficult. We will make it easy for you. Send your model to Shaun for FREE backtesting. Submit your model HERE

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Meet the Founder

Shaun Rowles

Shaun Rowles has nearly two decades of experience in wealth management as an active Portfolio Manager for some of the nation’s largest banks and the worlds largest Wealth Management company. He is the author of multiple white papers on investments & the upcoming book “FinTech: The Evolution of Money From Bullion to Blockchain”, a financial historian’s view of how our relationship with money has changed over time. Shaun is an avid researcher and lecturer on Central Bank Policy Effects on Securities Markets and advocates for improved financial literacy. Having lived, studied and served as a student ambassador in the United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria, and China, Shaun utilizes his global perspectives combined with astute attention to changes in the macroeconomic environment to manage risk and optimize portfolios for his client base. In his spare time, Shaun volunteers as an environmental conservationist as well as guest lecturer at Vanderbilt University.

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High Risk

Watchpoint’s primary objective is to identify when to get defensive by automatically moving to more conservative allocations when risk levels are too high. When probabilities favor major market drawdowns, Watchpoint takes action to protect your nest egg.

Moderate Risk

When signals indicate that we are in between clear bullish and bearish phases, Watchpoint updates subscribers to allow a prudent balanced approach to managing risk both to the downside and to the upside.

Low Risk

When macroeconomic signals suggest that overall risks are muted, Watchpoint alerts investors to be opportunistic skewing towards higher equity exposure to maximize returns for investors in bullish phases.

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